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Fitness Classes October 2021

Fitness classes meet in front of the Lobby Fountain ten minutes prior to class time. Aqua Fit meet at Adult Pool. All classes are 50 minutes in length.

8:00am: Boot Camp – Polo Lawn

8:00am: Barre Fitness – Yoga Platform
9:15am: Aqua Fit – Adult Pool
5:30pm: Relaxing Sunset Yoga – Polo Lawn

7:00am: Movement & Mindfulness – Polo Lawn
8:00am: Boot Camp – Polo Lawn

8:00am: Mat Pilates – Polo Lawn
8:30am: Keiki Ninja Zone (R,$) – Polo Lawn
9:15am: Aqua Fit – Adult Pool
5:30pm: Relaxing Sunset Yoga – Polo Lawn

8:00am: Boot Camp – Polo Lawn

8:00am: Yoga with Sound Healing – Polo Lawn
9:15am: Aqua Fit – Adult Pool

5:30pm: Relaxing Sunset Yoga – Polo Lawn

Fitness Class Descriptions

Aqua Fit: Using water as natural resistance, Water Aerobics will increase the heart rate and range of motion, and improve balance. This class is ideal for those with joint issues or for those who are looking to get fit in the pool. All fitness levels.

Barre: Get a total body workout based on Pilates principals and ballet technique. Challenge your balance and stability on and off the barre. Multiple props and targeted exercises to music. An upbeat way to start the day!

Boot Camp: Are you up for the challenge? You will run, hop, jump and sprint using various locations around the property as an outdoor gym. Boot camp combines core training principles including plyometrics, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training to burn calories throughout your day. Intermediate/Advanced fitness levels recommended.

Keiki Ninja Zone:
Ages 5 − 12 | R – Reservations required, dial 229. $ – Activity fee applies.
This energy packed class includes an obstacle course, races and a fun-filled morning.

Mat Pilates: Flow through a series of movements designed to wake up “little muscles” in your core that will build strength and restore balance to your body. All fitness levels.

Movement & Mindfulness: Take time for yourself with our unique combo class. Get strength, balance and flexibility into your life with various poses and learn breathing techniques that will calm your soul and create peace within. All fitness levels.

Relaxing Sunset Yoga: Breathe in the fresh Maui air and unwind listening to the ocean waves during your practice.
Reconnect to your surroundings and senses during a relaxing outdoor yoga class to enhance your evening.

Yoga with Sound Healing: Sound Energy Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter energies, and create a deep sense of peace, well-being and better health.

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