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Victoria s.

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

“I’m nominating my dear friend Tori.  She is the consummate mother to anyone who needs one. She has taken in many children through foster and hānai (informal adoption). She rescues baby mynah birds who fall from their nest, dropper feeding them until they can fly on their own. People drop stray dogs and cats at her door knowing she’ll give them the best life possible. 

Tori just finished 8 rounds of chemo for aggressive breast cancer. She has more treatments and surgeries ahead. She is a single mom to a teenage son with special needs she fostered then adopted, and two boys who aged out of foster who she still cares for as their ability to live and support themselves alone is not yet possible. She has given these 2 young men a fair chance at life after their many years of physical and emotional abuse by their mother and stepfather. All of the kids she’s fostered who are adults now, consider Tori their savior. 

Tori is all about taking care of others. This cancer journey has forced her to accept care and support from others, it’s a hard transition. She never gets a vacation or breaks from her caregiving. 

Many families in Hawaiʻi know Tori as she was one of the faces of The Baby Hui for many years, helping new parents and parents of young children find community and create support systems. There is no more selfless person I know. Tori is turning 60 in July and this would be an awesome way to celebrate her, and all she’s done for the community.

Nominated by: Julie McGovern

Congratulations Victoria!
We look forward to celebrating you in paradise at Fairmont Kea Lani.

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