Art, Culture & Chocolate

Our renowned Artist in Residence, Dale Zarrella, delights in recounting the Maui myths and legends that inspire his life-sized bronze and native wood sculptures. Join him! Stroll the resort grounds while Dale, who has created commissioned works for Popes at the Vatican, weaves his yarns. The tour ends the way all good things do: with chocolate (that’s Dale’s homemade chocolates, shaped like mini turtles).

Location: Lobby
Time: Every Thursday | 10 AM

Other Events You May Like

Coconut Weaving

Learn how to weave palm fronds in this interactive experience, held at Paeahu Terrace.
Location: Paeahu Terrace
Time: April 3rd: 12:30PM - 1:30PM
two people doing yoga with the sun rise

Relaxing Sunset Yoga & Meditation

Take time for yourself with our unique combo class.
Location: Lobby
Time: April 2nd: 5:30PM - 6:45PM
people walking in a line

Makahiki Games: ʻUlu Maika

Ulu maika was an ancient Hawaiian sport with some similarities to bowling. This traditional pastime was played with a few variations, all entailing rolling a small disk-shaped stone down a specially prepared path called the kahuamaika (literally “place of maika”). In the most common variant, two competitors would take turns rolling an ulu (stone) down the path, each attempting to roll theirs farther than their opponent’s. Meet at Paeahu Terrace.
Location: Paeahu Terrace
Time: April 7th: 10:00AM - 11:00AM