• a group of kits watching the sunset as a man blows into a shell

Authentic Hawaiian Culture

E komo mai! When you visit Fairmont Kea Lani, you become part of our ʻohana. We are committed to sharing the true spirit of aloha with our guests by connecting them with the rich history of Hawaiʻi’s culture, people, and traditions. Learn how to say “until we meet again” (a hui hou), paddle the sparkling Pacific with a hoʻokele (navigator) guiding the way, learn to dance hula or strum the ʻukulele, make a fresh flower lei or learn more about the ecosystem of Hawaiʻi through our Rooted in Aloha program.

Aerial of the fairmont kea lani

Our Kuleana Kuleana: Responsibility Commitment

We share our kuleana (responsibility) with our colleagues and encourage our guests to continue the positive effects of our actions. Our goal is to preserve the natural beauty of Hawaiʻi, educate and perpetuate our rich culture and care for nā kamaliʻi (children) and nā kūpuna (respected elders) of Maui.

woman walking through a bamboo forest

Reforesting Maui

We’ve partnered with Skyline Conservation to support the reforestation of Maui’s precious ecosystem through our Rooted in Aloha initiative. You can directly support our goal of planting 5,000 native trees, shrubs and plants by the end of 2024.

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Leave a positive lasting impact when you visit Maui. The magic and culture of this island have a way of touching the hearts of all who visit. Find the right way for your family to get involved during your stay through our voluntourism opportunities.

Explore Maui Culture

people in an outrigger canoe

Hawaiian Canoe Experience

Don’t miss one of our most treasured guest experiences. Paddle Maui’s turquoise waters in a Hawaiian outrigger canoe with our resort ho‘okele (navigator).

Hula and ‘Ukelele Lessons

Try out the art of hula for yourself, and channel your own mana (energy) into dance. Or master the basics of strumming island tunes on the ‘ukulele.

a man in traditional garments


Makahiki is a sacred time for Native Hawaiians, a time of peace and cessation of warfare. It is a time to appreciate all that has been harvested and to share in the gathered abundance.

a group of kits watching the sunset as a man blows into a shell

Torch Lighting Ceremony

For centuries, Hawaiians have signaled the day’s end by blowing the pū (conch shell). In the traditional way, we light torches to prepare for the evening and end the celebration with an oli (chant).

woman blowing in a shell

E Ala Ē

Our sunrise chant marks the start of a Maui morning. Join our paddlers down on Polo Beach to greet the new day in this beautiful, traditional Hawaiian way.

Hale Kukuna

Hale Kukuna, a name conceptualized by Fairmont Kea Lani’s cultural advisory board and lineal descendants of Palauea, the area upon which the resort rests, denotes a house of enlightenment. The name honors “kukuna”, meaning rays of the sun, and the nourishment that it brings to the ʻāina and all living things in Hawaiʻi.

“The opportunity to create and share a space dedicated to Hawaiian culture at the heart of Fairmont Kea Lani is an honor that comes with immense kuleana” shared Kamahiwa Kawaʻa, manager of Hawaiian culture a Fairmont Kea Lani. “Our vision and intention for Hale Kukuna is to serve as a space for both poʻe hoʻokipa and malihini to create meaningful connections with the culture, history, and spirit of this place – and in doing so, develop a deeper respect for this ʻāina and place we call home.”

Hale Kukuna can be found at the forefront of Fairmont Kea Lani’s newly transformed lobby, acting as the piko of the property. The expansive, open-air cultural center is meant to permeate Hawaiian culture, traditions, and values from within and is open to all who seek to create respectful and meaningful connection to Hawaiʻi.