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Suites & Villas: Reimagination of the collection has begun

Designs evoke stories of pre-contact Maui and the ʻAlalākeiki and Kealaikahiki channels

Designers and cultural practitioners worked together to bring the stories of pre-contact Maui and the ahupuaʻa (land division) of Palauea as well as the waterways of the ʻAlalākeiki and Kealaikahiki channels through the luxurious designs of the 413 one-bedroom suites and 37 two-story villas.

The suite collection, including the grandiose Kilohana corner suites, along with the Ocean and Island One-bedroom suites, draw inspiration from the ʻAlalākeiki and Kealaikahiki channels, the prime waterways connecting South Maui with the nearby island of Kahoʻolawe. Furnishings, fixtures, artwork and textures are reminiscent of the ocean, water currents and coastlines in each elegantly appointed room. Hawaiians and Polynesian cultures have long viewed the water as that which connects us. These suites are thoughtfully appointed to create moments of connection for our guests.

The resort’s beach-chic oceanfront villas reflect the serene beauty and history of their South Maui shoreline location and the Palauea ahupuaʻa (an ancient fishing village). Luxurious features drawn from our tropical waters, sandy beaches, and vibrant native plants combine with breathtaking colors and peaceful fabrics to set the style, color palette and furnishings for The Villa Collection.


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