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Kea Lani Heartist Spotlight – Tara E.

“We have been coming to the Kea Lani for nearly 25 years.  We met Tara years ago when she first started working as a Front Desk professional. Tara has always been the quintessential example of wonderful, warm, capable and caring guest outreach. She makes us feel special and we know that she makes so many others feel the same way.  She remembers little details that we share with her about our family and our lives. At this point, so many years later, we have gotten to know her quite well and she is kind enough to share things about her life and family as well. To us, she is the closest thing to ‘ohana that we have in Hawai‘i … She is more than helpful, more than good at her job, she truly cares, Tara makes the Kea Lani home.  We love the hotel and always have… We feel like when we walk into the lobby each time we arrive… our vacation has truly begun when we see her.”

Get To Know Tara:

How long have you worked at Fairmont Kea Lani?
TE: I have worked for Fairmont Kea Lani for 27 years.

What is your favorite memory of working at Fairmont Kea Lani?
TE: It would be very hard for me to pick one memory of my home away from home. I have so many memories over the past 27 years, however one that stands out in mind currently would be coming back home after 7 months of being closed due to the pandemic. 7 months will have been the longest that I’ve been away from the Kea Lani since starting my journey back in 1994. That day stands out in my mind as I was so happy to return to greet my guests again. I was also blessed with the most incredible sunset of purple skies right from my front desk of my second home.

What is your favorite part of Maui?
TE: Maui is magical to me in many different forms. From the flowers, mountains, ocean, air and most of all the people. Maui is home and has been very kind to me in raising my five children. It has Blessed me more than I could’ve ever asked for. It’s most simply said as Aloha or the breath of life that Maui gives to its people.

What is the best part of the Fairmont Kea Lani guest experience?
TE: Guest experience has so many elements. To me the best part of guest experience here at the Kea Lani would be the connection. What I mean by connection is the way we connect with our guests, which become our family. A lot of the time our guests come back to see our colleagues which have become a part of their lives in such a way as family. The connection is felt all over the property. It’s a feeling that has to be felt to really understand the passion of the people.

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