Dial 444 on any resort telephone and give the following information:
Type of emergency, location, your name, suite or villa #

Upon check-in, please be familiar with the nearest exit on your floor.

An exit map is located on the inside of the entry door.

• Pull the nearest fire alarm
• Notify Security by dialing 444
• The emergency evacuation floor plan is posted on the inside of the entry door in suites and in the upstairs’ closet in villas
• Proceed calmly to the nearest fire exit stairs and hold onto the rail
• If there is smoke, crawl to the nearest exit
• NEVER use the elevator in a fire!
• In case of a fire emergency and you are unable to leave the suite, keep a wet cloth over your nose and mouth.
• Do not attempt to pack your belongings or take personal possessions with you
• Resort colleagues will direct all guests to the evacuation zone located at the front entrance of the resort

Most earthquake related injuries result from falling objects, debris, broken glass and fires.
• KEEP calm, DO NOT run or panic, STAY in your suite
• Keep away from glass, mirrors and overhead fixtures
• Once shaking has stopped, proceed calmly to the nearest fire exit stairs and hold onto the rail
• NEVER use the elevator
• If you are outside – stay outside and in an open area away from the buildings
• Do not re-enter the buildings until it has been cleared by emergency officials
• Resort colleagues will direct all guests to the evacuation zone located at the front entrance of the resort

The Maui County Civil Defense office will issue timely warnings and evacuation instructions in the event of a tsunami or hurricane. In such cases, the resort colleagues will be prepared to make the necessary arrangements for your safety. We ask that you remain calm and offer full cooperation with the resort management for the protection of all guests.

When visiting sites around Maui, please do not leave valuables in your car and always keep your doors locked.

The greatest natural dangers to both visitors and residents of Hawai’i are within the ocean which surrounds each of our islands. Even when the ocean appears to be calm, there are potential dangers which even the most experienced and knowledgeable visitor or resident must bear in mind. Common sense and respect for the ocean’s forces should be exercised at all times.

We urge you to observe ocean conditions before entering the water. Waves arrive in groups, called “sets” which may be several minutes apart. The ocean may appear calm or flat when you enter the water. Minutes later you may encounter powerful sets of waves. Remain aware that waves can arrive unexpectedly and remember to never turn your back on the ocean. Most of Hawaiʻi’s beaches, including Polo Beach, change their configurations seasonally. These changes are caused by seasonal storms in various parts of the Pacific which in turn alter currents, wave action and the slope and amount of sand on our beaches. Because of the changing contour of the beach, a small wave can be deceptive. This is particularly true when and where a sandbar forms, causing waves to
break in shallow water.

The National Weather Service information for ocean currents, condition, weather and winds are posted daily at the beach pavilion. We recommend you watch Maui County’s Ocean Safety video outlining guidelines which may help you avoid accidents and injuries on channel 81.

Please read the signs and observe the flags each day at the Beach Pavilion before entering the ocean. There are no lifeguards at Polo Beach. In case of an emergency, please be aware there are 3 yellow rescue tubes located at the entry beach access point.

Red Flag: Hazardous conditions may exist. Swim at your own risk.
Yellow Flag: Ocean conditions may be dangerous due to jellyfish or man-of-war sightings.

To ensure the safety of our guests, we do not issue snorkel equipment or boogie boards when flags are present.

JELLYFISH: Toxic marine organism. Can cause pain and allergic reactions. NO swimming.

HIGH SURF: Large powerful waves. Can cause drowning -OR- serious neck and spinal injuries. NO bodysurfing.

SHARP CORAL: The lagoon area has a lot of coral and lava that can cause cuts to feet and lacerations to hands. Protective aqua socks are recommended.

STRONG CURRENT: Swift-moving channels of water that are difficult to swim against can pull swimmers out to sea, with risk of drowning.

Please note the signage that is posted which indicates beach and ocean conditions. Also, ask our beach attendants or county lifeguards questions about the specific ocean conditions. Should you be asked not to enter the water or leave the beach area completely, your compliance with their request is appreciated. In the event that you do not see any warnings, we suggest that you contact the beach attendant before entering the ocean.


Text Royal Service

ADA equipment for visually and hearing impaired guests is available through the resort Engineering Department.

Our attendants can assist you with towels, beach umbrellas, chaise lounges, kayak rentals and tours, and watersport activities. Daily beach umbrellas (one per-suite and two per villas) are available on a first come, first served basis. Umbrellas are issued at the beach pavilion.

An ATM machine is located next to the Front Desk at our Main Entrance for your convenience.

Poolside cabanas are available for rent at all three pools, advanced reservations are highly recommended. Please note that outside food and beverages, coolers, speakers and pets are not permitted. We are a cashless resort.

Reserve a Cabana

Text Royal Service

Car rentals are available at the resort for daily and weekly rentals. Contact our Concierge to reserve a vehicle.

Check-in time is 4:00 pm | Check-out time is 12:00 noon.


For your convenience, we offer three express check-out options:

  1. Video Check-Out: Using the television remote control, touch the menu button and select “Guest Services”. This service is available on the day of your departure.
  2. Telephone Check-Out: Touch “Front Desk” on your suite or villa phone and we will verify your charges and method of payment.
  3. Text Check-Out: Text Royal Service your name and room number upon your departure and we will email a copy of your bill to the address on file.

If you would like to extend your stay past the standard check-out time of 12:00 pm, please text Royal Service for late check-out options (not guaranteed, subject to resort occupancy).


Text Royal Service

Our helpful and friendly Concierge are available to attend your service needs and to provide any information about our islands.

We are pleased to offer you two types of high-speed Internet connection for your personal laptop computer and devices. Please connect to view pricing options or dial “0” to speak to a Royal Service representative.

Step 1: Enable wireless on your laptop.
Step 2: In your device’s settings, connect to the “Fairmont” network.
Step 3: Open your Internet browser and navigate to any website. You will be automatically redirected to home page and prompted to enter your last name and suite or villa number. For villas, please enter V followed by two-digit number (ie V01 or V12). If you have a group code
you may enter it here as well.
Step 4: Click on the “Connect Now” button to access the Internet.

Text Royal Service

Ice machines are located at the end of the hall near suites 16 to 18, 50 to 52, and 76 to 86. Ice is also available through In-Suite Dining.

Text Royal Service

Laundry service is available daily with the exception of holidays. All garments must be picked up no later than 8:00 am to ensure return by 7:00 pm the same day. Laundry bags and forms are available in the grey folder hanging in the closet. Please refrain from drying items on your balcony. Self-service operated washers and dryers are located in each villa as well as on Floors 3 through 7 between suites 50 and 52. Detergent is available for purchase at MAKANA Market + Cafe.

Text Royal Service should you wish to have your suite or villa serviced at a specific time.

Housekeeping provides nightly turndown service upon request between 5:00pm and 9:30pm. If you would like to schedule this at a certain time or for the sofa bed to be made, please chat with us.

Contact our Security Department by dialing 345 from your suite or villa phone to report lost or misplaced items.

For medical emergencies dial 444 from your suite or villa phone for the Security Department. For information on local hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies text Royal Service .

Fairmont Kea Lani is a pet-friendly resort, as such, well-behaved dogs weighing 20 lbs. or less from within the state of Hawaiʻi are welcome to the resort ($40 per day pet fee applies, portion donated to our local Humane Society). Out-of-state dogs are also welcome, so long as all quarantine regulations pertaining to Hawaiʻi State Law are adhered by. All pets are required to be on-leash at all times when not in suite or villa. Pets are not permitted up on chairs or tables within venues. Pets are not permitted within swimming pools and must be crated when unattended in suite or villa.

Seeing eye and service dogs are permitted without charge.

For more information pertaining to quarantine policies, please contact Hawaiʻi Animal Quarantine at 808 483 7171.

Our attendants are available to assist you with chaise lounges, cabana rentals, and umbrellas between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

In an effort to ensure every guest has an enjoyable and comfortable experience at our pools, please be advised of our chaise lounge policy: Chaise lounges are available on a first come, first served basis. Unoccupied chaises will be reissued to other guests and personal belongings will be safely stored by attendants.

Reserve a Cabana

Private transportation services may be arranged by texting Royal Service 

For your convenience a safety deposit box is located in every suite and villa; additional safety deposit boxes are located at the Front Desk.

In accordance with Chapter 328 of Title 19 Hawaiʻi State Law, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited in all public areas including a minimum distance of twenty feet from entrances.

Smoking is prohibited in all villas / suites and on the lanai (balcony).

Designated smoking areas are located near the pool, beach and bell desk.

people doing yoga at sunset

Resort Fee

For the convenience of our guests, Fairmont Kea Lani has bundled our most sought-after amenities and services into one daily resort charge of $50 USD per day, plus tax includes the following amenities and services:

  • Overnight self-parking for one vehicle per suite
  • 10% discount on Fairmont logo merchandise in MAKANA Market + Cafe
  • Inspire Your Energy Fitness Classes
  • Pool and beach amenities including sunscreen and after-sun care
  • Experience session with Pacific Dream Photography (reservation required, photos available for purchase)
  • Unlimited North America Long Distance calls (Canada and America)
  • Unlimited business internet access*
  • Keiki welcome amenity
  • One reusable Pathwater bottle per registered guest, per stay, to be filled at purified water stations located throughout the resort.
  • One hour snorkel equipment (two sets per suite per day, resort use only)
  • Hawaiian Canoe Experience** (reservation required – subject to availability)
  • Weekly Cultural Activities

*Members of ALL – Accor Live Limitless receive Premium internet service and 10% off at Willow Stream Spa (exclusions may apply).

**A 24-hour cancellation policy applies with a ‘no show’ fee of $65 per guest.